Bros Enterprise was founded in 2006 with an expectation to improve the quality of life with valued health care platform and endeavourer. Bros Enterprise is a totally integrated pharmaceutical company dedicated towards development, manufacturing and promotion of pharmaceutical products. We emphasize on the development and production of high quality pharmaceuticals products. We focus on commercialization of unique synergistic combinations and single molecule products in wide speciality areas like- Muskuloskeletal, Antibiotics, Gestroenterology, coagulant, NSAIDs, Anti-emetics and Gynecology. We desire to aid the mankind in leading prosperous life through delivering affordable and accessible medicines that fulfill the immediate need of society.

We at Bros Enterprise work as family members and motivate to blossom their work life towards the Organizational activities. We endure to understand the pulse of fillings of our colleagues and ensure the utmost effort to co-operate each other. Having trust on our colleagues, Bros Enterprise will continue to dream big to achieve the goal in the coming years.


We Bros enterprise will adhere to our commitment to endure the utmost effort towards mankind to enrich lives country wide by providing high quality products to enable people to enjoy healthy and active lifestyle. We believe in human resources to sustained growth year after year. “Focus on customers’ needs is the integral part of our activities”.

Our Vision

To procure driven leadership in the medical fraternity through-

» Value that’s unmatched.
» Endeavour that’s attain unmet.
» Quality that’s meets eminence.

Our endeavor is to bring a renaissance in the pharma market country wide. We work together to strengthen our collective wherewithal and enhance joyful life of mankind throughout the country. We Bros Enterprise believe in quality, capability and hard work. We are conscientious to the socio-economy status of our country and will endure to deliver affordable quality products. We the family of Bros Enterprise swears to continue our utmost endeavor towards mankind.